Friday, May 9, 2014

Southwest Austin Development project of MIniature Forest

Southwest Austin Texas Development project of Miniature Forest

Southwest Austin Development, Miniature Forest By Daniel Pavon Cuellar

Art in Texas
Keep Austin Texas Original!


DANIEL PAVON CUELLAR Presents a new Southwest Austin development project; a living masterpiece,  original worldwide creation: Miniature Living Forest by master artist Dapacu.

Today Daniel Pavon Cuellar is working on a project in South West Austin Texas for the creation of a huge Miniature forest land, very close to the Austin Texas Zoo  near Oak Hill on 290 West

 This new Austin Texas development in the growing southwest area of Austin, will be the first and largest  miniature forest in the world!

Daniel Pavon Cuellar with plant the seeds and trees directly into the soil.

His intent is to open it to the public and in the same property on 290 west, make also art exhibits for Austin Texas Artists. Follow this twitter @ ArtistsTexas. http://Texas.Sx  for future updates on Daniel Pavon Cuellar works.

ON THE PHOTO: This forest is very special, one of largest of all Miniature forest made by the artist Dapacu. The forest you see on the photo, was planted from seeds, it has around 3000 to 4000 trees!
The Forest on the photo was planted 5 years ago from seeds. with trees species native to Texas.

Daniel Pavon Cuellar is currently Developing Living Walls.
Daniel Pavon Cuellar Former Artist

VISIT DANIEL PAVON CUELLAR MULTIDIMENSIONAL ART HOUSE IN AUSTIN TEXAS AT http://Mural.Tv and more of the Artist Art works at http://Dapacu.Com/Art.html

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